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Experience photography - enjoy creativity


No matter whether trade fairs, lectures, major events, workshops or individual coaching. Events with us are always a special experience. Entertaining, approachable, inspiring. Not a show that only entertains as long as the event lasts. We deliver real photography and the real stories behind it. Anyone who likes video training by Pavel Kaplun will be amazed by live events and workshops. Maybe that's also the reason why most of them don't only participate once. What is particularly important to us: Photography is alive - and always needs new impulses. And we provide that, also through new types of events, in which really everyone can take part. You can read pure technology, but not the experience of photography. Therefore: Participate! Events and workshops take place throughout the year in different regions of the German-speaking world. An overview of dates can be found in the event calendar, all details and the possibility to book can be found in the shop .

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