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Experience photography - enjoy creativity


Are there questions that friends and the internet can't find a workable answer to? Do you need ideas on how you can develop yourself creatively or where your next challenge is waiting for you? Are you missing the finishing touches or the last portfolio finesse to be absolutely satisfied with your work? Or should it be a relaxed exchange at eye level with two of the best photographers and image editors? Then private lessons might be the right choice. Private lessons are perhaps the most exclusive form of further education and are often the basis for lasting improvements. We look back on decades of experience, not only in the field of photography, but also in training, which often makes the decisive difference in practice, because this allows us to respond to your individual needs in the best possible way. Live on site in 3 or 6 hours. Or very flexibly remotely on an hourly basis. Also available as a gift voucher. More in  store .

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