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Photography is our calling


Pavel Kaplun

Chemist from Russia, explosives expert, assembler, art scholarship and designer at a porcelain factory, to finally end up where the heart beats - photography and image processing. Not because of the technology, but to excite and inspire people.
Today, Pavel Kaplun is one of the leading photographers and photo artists, graphic designers and trainers, who has decisively shaped image processing in Germany. In addition to his inimitable visual language, Pavel Kaplun's trademark is his closeness, his authenticity and his likeable, entertaining manner.

Olga Kaplun

The artist's wife and right hand, whom Pavel Kaplun always calls "Mum". From the beginning of Pavel Kaplun's artistic work at his side and, in addition to her focus on accounting, an important support for selected events and the production of numerous YouTube videos.

Miho Birimisa

Active in the creative studio Pavel Kaplun since 2013. Initially with a focus on the conception and organization of new projects and events, over time active in all areas of the creative studio, including the production of video tutorials and the implementation of workshops and photo trips.

Since September 2015 and after 25 years in the software industry, Miho has become managing director of the creative studio Pavel Kaplun GmbH together with Pavel.

Would you like to know more about us?

In June 2022 we were guests on the PhotoWeekly Podcast. Here we give an insight into our history, our work and current projects. Have fun listening! Simply select one of the platforms below:

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